• What if my text was declined by publication?  -
-In situations where the media outlet declines to accept and publish the submitted material, clients have two options:
  1. Automatic Refunds:

    • Clients are eligible for automatic refunds credited back to their balance.
  2. Alternative Placement:

    • Alternatively, clients have the option to place their material, be it a press release, news, or article, on the pages of other media outlets that share similar subjects and audience demographics.
We aim to provide flexibility and alternative avenues to ensure your content reaches the right audience effectively.
  • How long do I have to confirm publication? -

Clients have a 3-working-day window to review and confirm the service. If no comments or feedback are provided within this period, the service will be automatically confirmed.

  • Can I accelerate publication time? -

To expedite the publication process, clients can reach out to our support team at Support@prpr.ai or directly contact their designated manager. Our dedicated specialists will promptly liaise with the publication, ensuring your content appears on the platform's pages as swiftly as possible.

  • Is there a guarantee my article will be published? -

If your text aligns with all the requirements specified in the publisher's website description, there's a 99% chance it will be published within the stipulated deadline.

However, if the publisher rejects your article for any reason, the placement cost will be automatically refunded to your account balance. You'll have the flexibility to explore other options to publish your text.

  • Can I edit my text after submitting? -

You have the flexibility to make changes to your text at nearly any stage of the process, from posting a draft to its publication on the website. The only factor that varies is the request processing time.

To modify a text that has been posted in the system, simply get in touch with our support team with a request to return the text for revision.